Snapshot doing wierd things

I was havin problems getting dropbox to work with Snapshot, so you recommened that I use the WPMY managed backups to the WPM cloud server

I did this and it is now working

However in addition to the snapshots that I defined in All Snapshots, which are woring fine, when I go into Managed backups then it is also creating full backups and storing them on my Siteground host, which , given, the size of the, is not beneficial.

I cant see any settings to stop these full backups from being created.

Please advise

  • Paul Yates

    Support access activated

    In All Snapshots I have created a Files back-up and a database backup, as instructed by WPMU support.
    These are working fine.
    This is all I need - they are being loaded to the WPMU cloud storage

    But, Managed backups is duplicating this be creating a full backup to my host server, which I dont want.
    I dont need it given that I already have the other two backups

    But there does not seem to be a method of switching this off

  • Paul Yates

    Hi James

    I dont know how much more specific I can be. I will simply re-iterate.

    I first set up Snapshot to use my Dropbox account, but this did not work. WMPU support told me that my Siteground GoGeek account could not set the max_execution_time sufficiently high enough, such that they never got picked up.

    So they persuaded me to use the WPMU managed snapshots, which I was reluctant to do as I only get 10gb instead of the 30gb that I get with Dropbox.

    This seemed to do the trick.

    I have two snapshots set up in all snapshots, which is all I need, and which seemed to be working OK, except that there is no way to set these to go to the managed backup cloud - the only two options are local and Dropbox. I had thought they were going the WPMU cloud storage, but now realise this is not happenning. These snapshots are for a) files and b) database

    In the meantime, I have discovered that the managed backups is creating an additional backup called fullbackup. I have not set any settings for this , it is just happening.

    This third cakup is being stored on the WPMU cloud storage. I have no idea where the setting are for this as it totally superfluous if the the first two snapshots were bing stored on the WPMU cloud server.

    I am just totally confused and cant find any documentation that describes how to control these issues.

    And feel even more furstrated if WPMU support can not understand what I am explaining

    I hope this is sufficiently explicit

  • James Morris

    Hello Paul Yates,

    Yes, this clarifies a great deal!

    Ok, please let me explain this a little better for you...

    Snapshots has 2 backup routines. The first is the standard backups which are found at Admin -> Snapshots -> All backups. This is local or remote storage that is not on the WPMU DEV cloud.

    The second backup routine is the Managed Backups found at Admin -> Snapshots -> Managed Backups.

    These are actually independent backups. If you are only wanting your backups to be pushed to WPMU DEV, you only need to have Managed Backups configured to run. The other backup routines can be disabled or removed. It will not affect Managed Backups as it is entirely controlled in the Managed Backups section.

    Also, at this time, Managed Backups are for complete site backups. Meaning, you cannot break the backup into 2 parts as you do with the standard backups.

    So, it's not so much that you have duplicates, it's that you have configured local file backups and Managed Backups to run at the same time. Managed Backups won't copy over your local backups up to WPMU DEV since it runs it's own routines.

    I hope this clarifies a bit more about the differences between the two. Let us know if you have any further questions. We'll be happy to help! :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

    James Morris

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