Snapshot error - why?

What is this... ?
"ERROR: restoreFileFull [/home/mysitename/public_html/wp-content/uploads/snapshots/_restore/www/wp-content/themes/index.php] not found."

  • Paul


    That is an interesting error. So basically as part of the zip archive created by Snapshot there is an additional file added, snapshot_manifest.txt. This manifest file contains a list of all the database tables and files contained within the zip archive. Or let me restate. The manifest contains a list of the tables and files which were part of the original archive when the snapshot was created.

    If you are seeing this error then let me walk through some assumptions.

    1. You were in the process of performing a restore.
    2. As part of the restore first thing Snapshot does is unzip the selected archive. The unzipped archive is written to the folder /wp-content/uploads/snapshots/_restore/... as you can see per your original message.
    3. Then using the manifest (think packing slip) snapshot verifies that each files in the manifest is actually found in the unzipped archive. If a file is missing an error if thrown and the restore aborted.

    As a solution I don't have one at the moment. Any idea how large the zip archive is. I'll need to patch Snapshot to allow for missing files.

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