Snapshot failing, both Manged backups and snapshots

On site Managed Backup cannot be activated. After clicking activation button it just reloads the page. The Snapshot -> Snapshots also fail. Starting a snapshot results in an "empty error" (error "box" with no message) and a fopen() error regarding log file in a console.

On site snapshot starts but fails with <empty response> after very long time.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Guido,

    Hope all is well.

    I'm afraid that there's a conflict with one of your other plugins on the academy site and that's preventing Managed Backup from being enabled.
    Please disable all the plugins except for Snapshot and WPMU DEV Dashboard and you should be able to activate it after that.
    You can then activate them back one by one to find which one is causing the issue.

    On site snapshot starts but fails with <empty response> after very long time.

    I see that there was some confusion about your .net and .academy installations and I must say that I'm also unable to figure out your installation.

    The thing is that when I visit .academy backend I can see the .net site in there and it's actually using the ID of the main site in the network:

    This would suggest that the .net is the main site of .academy network, but that it uses some kind of domain mapping, however when I check the frontend the two domains are different so that doesn't make much sense.
    And also, your .net seems to be registered with us as a separate installation so it shouldn't be showing in .academy network.

    I'm afraid that you're using some kind of non-standard installation and it's really hard to debug this as we can't know how can we access the site in the first place, and what site is part of which network.

    I see in chat that you can't get in touch with the person that configured all of this for you but I'm afraid that we will need additional info about your setup in order to proceed with debugging the Snapshot issue.
    Can you get in touch with your hosting provide, so they can check the installation and database, review the redirects for those domains and hopefully they will be able to explain what exactly is going on here.

    Best regards,

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