Snapshot fails at 64% returning a Timeout error

I’m trying to run a Snapshot in my site and send it to my Dropbox folder, but it’s getting stuck at 64% and it returns a “Timeout error”.
I checked the log and it seems to get stuck when reaching the media folder, so I tried to run a new one excluding the media folder and that one was properly created.

  • Kris

    Hi Shop,

    Hope you are doing good today.

    I checked the chat transcript and it is looks like we will need more info from you in this case.

    Via you support access you gave us I see you server value:
    max_execution_time is set to 150 which is very low. Snapshot require at least 180. We recommend 300 or higher.

    Timeout error is usually related to above value.
    In this article you will find a full guide how to increase this value:
    If above article won't help you will need to contact with host provider to change this.

    There is also a probability that snapshot stuck at 64% in media folder because in media folder exist some large file.

    To investigate this more we will need your FTP credentials. Please send it through our secure contact form here and make sure that subject is "I have a different question" and:
    - Mark to my attention: ATTN: Krzysztof Tomczyk
    - FTP credentials (host / username / password)
    - Link back to this thread

    Please confirm here in thread that you have sent that message.

    In first place please try to increase max_execution_time value and run snapshot again. This could solve the issue here :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

  • Kris

    Hi Shop

    Thank you for you FTP details.

    In first place I try to increase max_execution_time via php.ini and htaccess file, but without luck. Still this value stays at 150 and when I temporary upload test.php file with this code:
    <?php phpinfo(); ?> is say that this value is lower and it's 120.

    In Snapshot settings I also exclude this folder /wp-content/uploads/snapshots and then I run backup again.

    It fails at 64% again in /wp-content/uploads/2017/05/ folder which have over 4500 image file in it.
    Also other media folders have over 2000/3000/4000 images inside.

    When snapshot fails I get message:
    GATEWAY TIMEOUT which is directly related to max_execution_time value.

    In this case please try to contact with you host provider to increase this value to at least 300 or higher.

    Kind Regards,

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