Snapshot fails at plugins

Snapshot fails at plugins each time, if I exclude them then it backups fine.
There's nothing in debug log and changing chunk size or compression method doesn't help either.
Server logs are linked in chat for further info.

  • Lindeni Mahlalela

    Hello Lisa,

    I hope you are doing great today. I am sorry that you are having trouble using our plugins and thank you so much for your patience as we are trying to resolve this, I hope we resolve it as soon as possible.

    I logged into your website and ran a couple of tests for both Hummingbird and Snapshot, one thing I found that may cause Snapshot not to work is the maximum execution time for PHP scripts. Snapshot specifies that it needs a minimum of 150s seconds but the server is set to 120s which is not enough for Snapshot to do what it does.

    Usually, this can be adjusted in the settings or by adding custom rules to the .htaccess or php.ini file but it seems the server is ignoring all attempts to adjust the limits using user specific configs. This is probably due to your host blocking such methods.

    I suggest you contact your host and request that they increase the max_execution time to at least 150, but higher will be much better. Also if they can enable PHP 5.6/7 (or make it available as a choice for a specific website) and the corresponding MySQL version that will be better, so we can test if this issue is related to the server or the plugins themselves. I have experienced cases where such issues were resolved just by changing the PHP version to a newer one. Please see this document.

    I hope this helps. Please let us know once your host has done those adjustments. We will continue with our investigation after the response from them.

    Have a nice day.

  • Lindeni Mahlalela

    Hello Lisa,

    I hope you are doing great today. Today I was troubleshooting both the Snapshot and Hummingbird issues on your site and I think I have found the major issue.

    After a deep troubleshooting and plugin conflict test and after running the PHP Compatibility Checker tool, I found that the two main issues are:

    1. PHP version incompatible, and
    2. The system timeout when scanning plugins folder.

    1. The PHP version on your site is PHP 5.5 which is a little older and incompatible with some plugins on your setup. Checking the error logs, I see that Snapshot along with other plugins have issues running on this PHP Version and as a result Snapshot will not work properly, it fails to save and timeouts at some point due to the server timeout issue.

    2. The plugins LayerSlider and Snapshot have a large codebase, I have discovered that Snapshot time outs when backing up these two plugins because of the number of files in them. This is not an issue with either of the plugins, but the server is configured to terminate after some time when running a scan. This might be the max execution time or another timeout mechanism set by your host. As a result when Snapshot is scanning the plugins folder it gets terminated by the server and stops running, then returns the error:

    An unknown response returned from Snapshot backup attempt. Aborting. Double check Snapshot settings.

    After this point it will not continue no matter what, as it is terminated by the host. My best guess is that Snapshot should work great after upgrading your website's PHP version. Unfortunately, only your host can manage to do that from their side. So I suggest you contact them and ask if they can upgrade the PHP version on your website.

    To make things easier, you may simply send the following message to them and you should be able to get the desired response or feedback from them:


    I am running Snapshot, a backup plugin on my WordPress website and I am having issues with the plugin. The plugin gets terminated by the server when scanning the 'plugins' directory, this seems to be the max_execution_time or other timeout or resource limit mechanism.

    I was advised to upgrade my PHP version to at least 5.6, but recommended PHP 7, and raise the time out limit to allow the plugin to scan through the website without timeout.

    I was wondering if you could upgrade the PHP version and advice me on the timeout issue resulting in the termination of the script. Please advice if I can do this from the control panel or you will be able to do it on your side.


    We will wait for your host's response and what they say. Once we have their feedback, please let us know what they say and we will continue from there.

    Thank you very much.


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