Snapshot Feature Requests: Set Site Title & Tagline at Restore/Clone, Batch Restore/Clone

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1) It would be awesome to be able to set the Site Name and Tagline if cloning a network site into another site on the same network

2)Batch cloning

So let's say I have a boilerplate network site I have fully built out in terms of theme, pages, posts, widget areas, plugin etc. I use this boiler plate clone and create copies for new sites that need to maintain the design look and feel. Challenge is, I need to create 500 sites on my new network using this boilerplate. Now...with today's SnapShot update, my job has already gotten 1 millions times easier and faster when I set out to clone this boilerplate site 500 times. But that's still 500 manual cloning processes I have to undertake.

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    Thanks for the input. Really 500 new cloned site? I must be missing something in that concept. For now I will not say yes or no on the bulk cloning. I want to keep Snapshot focused as a backup/restore tool instead of a cloning tool. This is why I chose to have the restore option from an archive instead of just adding a menu option to let you clone an existing site within the network.

    As for setting the Name and tagline I can agree. There is actually some more work coming in that area. Similar to where you see being able to set the theme. In most normal cases you will possibly be moving over themes and maybe plugins with the the archive. But say you want to turn off some plugins. Or maybe hand pick from the plugins included in the archive to select those which need to be turned off as part of the restore. Or worse the archive is three months old and you don't want to restore old versions of plugin that will trigger massive updates. So I want to add some intelligence to that process so you don't shoot yourself in the foot. Now that the big hurdle is over I can go back and focus on some other feature requests.

    Thanks for the feedback Paul. And you're right, 500 cloned sites might seem a bit hyperbolic or abstract. However, I am working on a new Network right now that is going require 70-100. So the feature would be helpful for sure. However I will probably proceed with just doing them 1 at a time for now. :slight_smile:

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    Batch creating 500 sites on the network isn't an issue, again thanks to WPMUDev.

    In terms of UI, if there was a listing of all the blogs on the network, similar to a listing of all database tables when creating a SnapShot, then you could check off the sites that you wanted to clone using the boilerplate site.

    -"Check All / Uncheck All" links would be nice here.
    -Again, in accordance with #1 above, being able to set the Site Title and Tagline for each site to be "cloned" would be nice. This part would have to be a manual no matter what I would think.

    Challenges with #2
    PHP Memory Limit is the elephant in the room. The only things I can think to address this "pachyderm" are:

    -Segment the batch cloning into separate chunks, streams. Similar to how email services would break up emailing 5,000 recipients into 50 chunks every 30 minutes.

    -Stress to users that his feature should ONLY REALLY be used to setup new networks, NOT for cloning your 10 year old wordpress site, the one with 6,000 posts and 35,000 comments, 500 times as that will likely result in an out of memory error as a limitation of PHP server settings not the SnapShot plugin.

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