Snapshot: Full Multisite

How to get a snapshot of the entire multisite?

Currently putting in the main URL does not get the database tables for the sub-sites. It seems you have to put them in one by one and manually make a snapshot. This will get to be crazy tedious.

Is there a way to just set up one back up that will back up the entire multi-site?

  • marikamitsos
    • The Crimson Coder

    I am terribly sorry Ash, but this canNOT be a feature request.
    This can ONLY be a MUST FEATURE.
    Erum is right when s/he says: "This will get to be crazy tedious."
    After all when an entity as big as WPMUDEV -that handles (to say the least), which counts 3,378,490 blogs at the time of this writing- wishes to advertise the plugin as "Multisite Compatible" canNOT have it's members hoping for a feature request.

    Is this how you back up the sites at edublogs?

    Anyway. I will give you an easy way out though.
    If you look under BACKUPS on the screen, you can see the following:

    I only hope that this will be a real multisite backup.

    Wishing you all a great week,


  • jetmac
    • Recruit

    Agree 100% here -- this plugin is a great start, but, like a huge number of WPMU plugins, is only 80% there.

    Without automation and site fidelity, Snapshot is not a viable multisite solution.

    My host provides nightly full network backups, the issue is fidelity, being able to repair/restore a single site. If I have to build a new snapshot every time a site is created on a multisite install -- screw that.

    That is NOT what I expect from a premium plugin, it's what I expect from the freebie on the WP repository.

    This plugin needs continued development, not a "drop and forget" release.

    Please finish the job and make this a viable plugin.

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