SNAPSHOT: Getting error "502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.2.9 WPEngine/6.0.7" backing up to Google

Dear WPMUdev Gods,

I have installed and configured the Snapshot plugin (After fixing the Google authorize issues)however when it tried to send the file out to Google Drive I get the "502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.2.9 WPEngine/6.0.7" error. I do not have this issue with local backups to the server only external to the server backups. The error pops after the last step of the backup what I assume it is when it attempts to send it out.

Please tell me how to correct. I have already placed a ticket with my hosting provider WPengine as the path in the error is there server but they have requested that I reach out to you to see if you can send them troubleshooting steps. I have enabled remote access for your team.

Thank you,

Clarke Moyer