Snapshot instructions illegible

Good morning,

I am sitting here trying to read the full set of instructions for Snapshot but the most important of them are illegible and inaccessible. Please refer to the attached screenshot.

Is there somewhere I can just download the doc?

I am using Chrome on a Win 7 machine.

David Wilks

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi, David!

    Those are screenshots from within the plugin itself. You’ll see those instructions if you open up Snapshot’s settings on your site admin or network admin dashboard, so you’ve already got them on hand. :slight_smile:

    Here’s the text from Folder Location:

    Set a destination folder for your snapshots. This folder will be created inside your site’s media upload folder. /wp-content/uploads/snapshots

    Optionally, you can attempt to set the snapshot folder to a directory outside of your web site. This may not be available depending on your hosting configuration. Check with your hosting provider. If you change the folder to be outside of your web site you will not be able to access the archive via this plugin. You will need to use FTP or some other solution provided by your hosting provider.

    If you do change the Snapshot folder, the existing folder will be moved/renamed to the new value. The new folder must not already exist.

    And here’s the bit from Database Segment Size:

    The Segment Size can be defined as the number of rows to backup per table per request. The Segment Size controls the backup processing when you create a new snapshot. During the backup processing Snapshot will make a request to the server to backup each table. You can see this in the progress meters when you create a new snapshot. In most situations this backup process will attempt to backup the table in one step. But on some server configurations the timeout is set very low or the table size is very large and prevents the backup process from finishing. To control this the Snapshot backup process will breakup the requests into smaller ‘chunks of work’ requested to the server.

    For example you have a table with 80,000 records. This would take more than the normal 3 minutes or less most servers allow for processing it attempted in a single request. By setting the segment size to 1000 the Snapshot process will breakup the table into 80 small parts. These 1000 records per request should complete within the allow server timeout period.

    Take care!

  • David
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Excellent and fast response, for which I thank you.

    I had not / have not installed the plugin yet as I am trying to assess whether it will handle my site. I recently bought AkeebaWP but it can’t handle my site/table size. The developers have tried (and tried) but have now given up :slight_frown:

    Prior to that I had been a BlogVault customer for about 2 years but they are also now having challenges due to the size. I can no longer restore/migrate without their involvement which is an absolute pain.

    My site is 22.6gb and growing. It’s a multisite with 20 sub.sites.

    One of my requirements is to be able to migrate the site as I need a dev site running and need to ‘refresh’ that at least once a month.

    Do you feel comfortable that Snapshot Pro can handle a site this size?

    What about migration. Does it have a ‘search and replace URL’ function built in for this purpose?

    Note that I also looked at your Cloner plugin but, if I understand it correctly, it is only for cloning sub.sites within a network the same as the MultiSite Clone Duplicator plugin does (very well, I should mention).

    Your guidance will be appreciated.

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi, David!

    As long as your server can run long enough to get the full backup without timing out, Snapshot can handle this.

    You’ll need to take individual snapshots of your subsites and your primary site, as of right now we don’t support copying the full network in one backup file, it has to be individual site backups.

    Have you tried exporting your database via PHPMyAdmin? I think the biggest database I’ve backed up from the PHPMyAdmin interface was about 18gb, so it’s close to the size of your network. If you can get your database in a single backup, then it’s just a matter of moving your directories.

    If you don’t mind taking the snapshot of your network site by site, Snapshot is perfect here. If you’d rather have one backup file to import, doing it manually is going to be the better option here.


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