Snapshot interfering with UpDraft Plus


1. I have UpDraftPlus, which sends backups to DropBox.

2. I tried to implement Snapshot and apparently failed. I tried to direct Snapshot backups to the WPMU DEV Full Cloud Backup Service. Somehow, Snapshot files found their way to DropBox, interfering with my UpDraftPlus backups.

3. So now I have two websites with warnings on the UpDraft Current Status page regarding "A very large file was encountered: uploads/snapshots/_backup/". UpDraft was still able to back up these sites.

4. I have a third website with the same warnings PLUS several errors that "failed to upload file to backup." UpDraft was NOT able to back up this site.

Attached please find two (2) snapshots of the UpDraft Current Status page with the warnings and errors.

What do I do?

Thankses in advance,