Snapshot is creating a complete chaos and uses huge amount of space!

Snapshot seems not to be ready to be used on a Network with Multisites and not even on Multisites as it saves a complete Mess.

Setting is a Network of Multisite Network
We tried to backup the network its self using the blog with ID 0 which has 4 IDs as sites inside that Multisite but their database does not get saved at all checking the log file, while their uploads folder does.

It results that the complete uploads folder get backed up no matter if it belongs to the site or not - actually it backed up all other sites belonging to this multisite even it forgets to beackup the database according to the logfile.

Snapshot does not offer any option to simply backup the complete stuff which would the most useful way doing that. It does also not offer incremental backups afaics.

Backing up another Multisite inside the network results in backing up only the database of the Network root but again not the subsites but all uploads folders of those subsites get backed up with all files.

The First Backup from site ID 0 took long and used 172 MB this is what gets displayed but it used actually 405.67 MB as this gets displayed in the backup results page! And again it is only backing up ONE site and not at all the complete Multisite!. This means for each single site in a Multisite Network you would need to setup the backup but that is simply not possible as the plugin gets only displayed on the network site.

The second from the first MultisiteID inside that Multisite Network used 198.99 MB which is quite strange as the Root ID does actually has no Media File linkes but the second site has media files links but those seem not to be backed up at all!

What backup solution are you using which also works on a Network of Multisites and also I would like to know what Backup really works reliable on Multisites at all.

Kind regards

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Andi,

    Are you referring to a WP Multi-Network like what this plugin allows you to do?

    Managed Backups works for Multisites but there is no compatibility for Multi-Networks as of right now. I can put in a feature request for that, but keep in mind Multi-Networks aren't that popular compared to traditional Multisites or single site installs so it won't be a priority. Also, the fact Multi-Networks are often quite large or get very large means you may want to consider using a server side backup solution instead if you have one available. If you're not sure if you do or not then you can ask your host.

    also I would like to know what Backup really works reliable on Multisites at all.

    Managed Backups in Snapshot was developed to support Multisites, are you running into backup issues on a traditional Multisite as well? In most cases, the issue will be due to server limitations, did the site pass the server requirements check? ie.


  • Andi

    Hi Tyler the checkes are all passed and have no warning.
    One problem is - which you should add - that your server check does not check how much space is actually locally available for a backup but you offer local backups by default. The default setup of wp Upload space is 100MB so that in this case a backup with more then 100MB starts running but will stop inbetween! If snapshot simply would check that size before to be at last as doubled as big as the backup size, especially when the backups will be set to be 3 rotating once (it should be minimum 3 times as big!) and simply not even start running when this size is smaller then 3 times needed.

    A server side backup we do automatically but so the question would be actually what in that case snapshot would make sense at all and the offer of 10GB Backup space.

    It is nice to have a backup option from the wordpress backend no question but it should be able to be manageable.

    So I think the approach taken is simply not sufficient to make snapshot really usefull for bigger installations.

    1. It can not be run by a user themselves - this would be a great option as it would solve also a major problem of most website owners in Europe who need to provide their customers at any given time a complete backup of their data! Law in Germany and EU.
    Facebook i.e. solved that by providing each Facebook user a way to create a complete backup of their Facebook profile or also of their specific pages at any given time.
    BUT as snapshot isn't able to run on a per Blog base and started by a user it would fulfill those requirements.
    2. Snapshot is also not really useful for multisite owners as long as they can do backups for multiple multisites in one step and then restore from that single blogs if needed. It would actually mean that each snapshot stores each single blog and its files instead of storing all blogs in one db entry and all files in one huge upload file.
    3. I don't agree with what you are saying about multinetworks as they are very usefull, especially for agencies and developers who develop with different Themes and settings and they are also very handy if you run multiple multisites for customers which share the same data and often same settings and files. An approach where it is possible to define one root site i.e. ID 0 or the one mentioned in wp-config and from where all the management takes place would avoid a complete segmentation of your backups. Instead all could be saved either in one huge file for all blogs, or what would be much better also for restoring things and providing a backup for customers, it could be saved as single blogs with their uploads files, while all general theme and plugin etc stuff would be stored in one wpmulti or wp-network installation pack.
    For backing up the wp-superadmin would restore plugins, themes, wp-config etc settings which existing in the site for all blogs, while the users themselves could get a backup of all their data in form they could use to restore or even move their blogs consisting of a database file and their uploads folders used by their installation.
    4. Concerning the backup functionality it would actually be much better to provide customers as readable format of their backup.This could be quite easily be done with the upcoming defender feature where an way to create static pages will be available. With that all static pages including their data could be provided as a download for customers and wpmudev installations with defender and snapshot would have the same backup feature as provided already by Facebook and others. With that backup the customer would get all his data in a readable for but there would be no need to give him also the database and the upload files, which then could i.e. be sold as a separate service!

    Concerning Multi-Network I would kindly ask you to create a feature request for that as it would not be to difficult to do that. There only would be another list-view actually in the backend, where you could check at one place which Multisite Networks should be backed up as one Network or as separate Multisite or as separate Blog Backups.

    The ability to provide customers a separate blog backup is also a great and by at least our customers very appreciated way, to give customers a backup of their current state i.e. when you hand over their sites after development has been finished. Especially in Multisites this is a bit a handicap until now!

    Kind regards

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