Snapshot is having problems with automatic schedules

I have Snapshot installed on many of my sites, but about half are having problems with the weekly scheduled backup at Sunday at midnight.

The problem isn't specific to one server either. Websites even on the same server, and half will have the problem.

Manual seems to always work. Let me know what information you need.

I also saw an update since I scheduled them last week. Do you think that that will help this issue? Thanks.

  • Paul
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    @Mitchell Sholly, Doubtful the recent Snapshot update will help you. The Snapshot scheduling process interfaces with the WordPress scheduler WP_Cron. Basically when you setup a Snapshot scheduled process Snapshot calls the WP_Cron process and asks it to kick off a backup at the specified time. So at that point the execution of the timer logic is owned by WordPress.

    The problem is the WP_Cron scheduler needs somewhat regular front-end website traffic prior to the 'execution time' to properly run. So my guess is the sites are probably not getting regular front-end traffic.

    A couple of work around suggestions.

    1. Don't schedule for Midnight. Do the backup during the lower end of the traffic. Probably will require looking at the visitor stats. You obviously don't want this during the peak period.

    2. Via your hosting you should be able to setup UNIX Cron which will be more precise than the lazy WP_Cron. However support for that is beyond what we can offer as it depends on your specific host options. Here is a link to an article that might help

    This is a common problem we are having where sites just don't have regular traffic and thus Snapshot backups are not executing. We are trying to figure out a better method. But one that will work for all configurations.

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