Snapshot is not backing up - no archives

Hi, I am writing to you as a very disappointed and disgruntled customer, as - it seems, - all your 'pro' plugins do not deliver what they promise, most of them are cumbersome to set up, un-intuitive and - most of all - your instructions are wanting, to say the least!

Having said that, I have installed snaphot pro on 3 websites: 2 of them are multisites and this one ( is a single site. I thought I had tweaked the settings as per your (very scanty) instructions to be placed on the local server, but - no archives were/are created. In fact on the 2 multisites, the backups have been running for over 2 hours now, but they are never completed and on this (very small) site it ran for almost an hour without results. If you look in the 'all snapshots' list you find that the backup has finished but there is no archive!

Surely, I have made a mistake setting this up; but who's fault is that if I followed your instructions?!

I have granted you support access to the site. Pls investigate, rectify the settings and advise what you have done (if anything).

Thank you.

From another thread:

Getting this very intelligent error when doing a manual snapshot (automatic snapshots do not seem to work at all as no archives are created and hence deleted them):
An unknown response returned from Snapshot backup attempt. Aborting. Double check Snapshot settings.

I have granted you support access.

Pls advise.