Snapshot is producing "empty", unusable file for my deployment

Hiya -

So I'm using Snapshot, but something's not working right.

I'm building up a snapshot as usual (I've used this with several other sites and it's always worked like a breeze), and all the steps seem to happen as normal. It looks like it's working. But when I'm done and go to "all snapshots" to download the file, it takes a second to download (it usually takes a while, and this site has a lot on it). When I look at the file size, it says zero bytes. Obviously I can't use this to import into a new site.

I'm not sure what's wrong. The snapshot process looks like it's working, and goes through all the steps 100%. Even the log shows all the files and assets there. So why is the zip file empty?

I enabled support access to my site in case anyone wants to take a look. Feel free to run new snapshots if you'd like!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!