Snapshot local backup log

Local backup of multisite main blog contains media files from different sub-sites in backup log file.

  • Ari

    Hey PTaubman,

    I need to test it more further,

    The testing process will be like:

    > Tempoparily deactivate existing plugins.
    > Then start backup with Snapshot Pro
    > Monitoring the log data.
    > Then activate plugins one by one and create new snapshots each time.

    By doing this test, we can confirm that, there are no conflict from plugins.

    If you are not ok with this test, please create a staging environment, so I can test freely.

    What's a staging environmen? and how to create it?

    staging environmen is exact copy of this installation in another localtion/folder in the same server, using a separate DB.

    Waiting for your response...

    Regards, Ari

  • Ari

    Hey PTaubman,

    In case, if you need more information for how to create staging environmen.

    Usually there are 3 options:

    1) You can do that with hosting, if your hosting provide this feature.
    2) You can use tools like Snapshot Managed Backups (or Duplicator premium, All-in-One WP Migration with their pro multisite extension)
    3) You also can do that manually - here is a guidence to do so:

    If you still face any problem or need some other information let me know here.

    Cheers, Ari

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