Snapshot Location to Amazon Beijing S3 Storage

Hello support,

Just wondering when Snapshot will have the location available to select directly form the plugin, to store snapshots to Amazon Beijing? Currently I don't see an option to do so from within the plugin menu.

I've tried entering the alternative region host, and for some reason I'm not able to connect through the snapshot plugin.

This error is given when trying;

Error: Could not list buckets :cURL resource: Resource id #33; cURL error: Could not resolve host: Beijing (cURL error code 6). See for an explanation of error codes.

My site is able to backup to Amazon fine to other locations such as US STANDARD, however if I choose to change the location to Other from the dropdown menu, and type in Beijing as the location, I then receive the error stated above.

I have tried other locations without any issues.

Is there something I'm doing wrong?

Many thanks for your help and support in advanced,