Snapshot managed backup issues

On some recent web revamps we setup a few sites in WPMU DEV (,,, ) to see if it’s a viable framework to simplify WP web dev. So far , you could say I’m underwhelmed… if a web dev was running PHP 7.0 or 7.1 they would struggle with your platform given the issues I immediately discovered when using Marketpress. I suspect from some of the ongoing support issues in the other popular plugins there are similar issues with these plugins.

So far Marketpress & Snapshot are about the only plugins I’ve had much time to focus on, apart from a quick dabble with hummingbird and Defender. On a recent update, we had to effectively re-setup up Marketpress as all the settings had defaulted. Lucky we hadn’t gone live with the site yet.

Snapshot is supposedly one of the most popular plugins and integrated with your own managed backup system. Now, I believe that I followed the appropriate process for Managed Backups. We’ve run an initial backup to ensure the backup setups work. And for all 4 accounts I retrieved the appropriate key (double-checked).

And yet I find:

a) On the above named 4 sites that we have setup at WPMU DEV, which are tiny, they take forever to backup. I am comparing this to BackWpup which we use on all of our other WP sites to a Dropbox or FTP.

b) I notice that once I leave the backup page, the backup doesn’t complete. There is no warning of this, and since this is *supposedly* managed backup from your servers, surely the page doesn’t require to be open? It certainly doesn’t for MainWP and BackWPup.

c) Not one of the scheduled backups works – at all. And it shows an entirely different scheduled time on the WPMU DEV central management backup tab for each site than what is set in the plugin itself.

d) And though the text in the plugin says “View and manage your managed backups in your WPMU DEV Hub. ” when you go to the hub, and click backup, guess where it takes you to run the backup… back to the WP Admin. Not much design thought there….

e) In Scootacino, it’s been saying “Automatic backup currently running” at the top of the Managed Backup page for days.

So is it just me or is this a half-done plugin?

Support access has been provided for these sites.