Snapshot managed backup 'Other kind of backup error'

Running a Managed Backup in Snapshot shows the following error - 'Other kind of backup error' (Screenshot attached). We've tried a plugin conflict test, enabling debug, putting Snapshot chunk definitions but it didn't work. Debug.log provided the following PHP warnings:
ZipArchive::close(): Write error: File too large in {snapshot -plugin-directory/lib/Snapshot/Helper/Zip/Archive.php on line 33}

Managed Backup error logs show the following errors:

More detailed info on chat transcript. Thanks!

  • viobru

    Hi, Jenn!

    Hope you’re doing well today :slight_smile:

    Please note that Managed Backups are intended to include all files and folders that are inside the public_html folder, even if they are not WordPress files. In your case, I’ve seen that your public_html folder is over 10GB and, being your max_execution_time set to 120, it’s not possible to process such a big file (see image attached).

    If you want to backup just one site, you can exclude the other folders by adding them to the global exclude list in snapshot settings page. You can find this by going to Snapshot ? Settings ? Global File Exclusions (see image attached). Please be careful not to include symlinks like www that are linked to the same /public_html folder, because this would cause problems and the backup will be not performed.

    Please, let me know if you were able to perform a proper backup after following this suggestion and remember that if you ever need more space for storing your managed backups, you can always add more storage by going to Hub ? Add-ons ? Managed Backups Storage (



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