Snapshot managed cloud backups eating disk space and loosing configuration settings

On one of my Multisites I have Snapshot installed. I've configured managed backups and no disk backups.

After a week I had to do a manual backup and I've noticed that all the configuration for managed backups disappeared. After I did the manual backup to your cloud I set the backup to run every thursday at 2 o'clock. And I think it did, because today in the morning I've noticed something strange.

From my servers control panel I've learned that between 2'clock and 8 o'clock my WP installation grew from 220MB to over 800MB. I checked the the uploads/snapshots/_backup folder and there I've found a number of files which all totalled to 614MB.

In other words, the backup was saved to the local disk, where it shouldn't. Also, the backup is really huge because on your WPMUDEV panel I see that the 3 existing backups weigh 250MB. What is going on?