Snapshot not backing up primary site

I have a situation where I have my primary site is not being backed up automatically with Snapshot, but all the subsites are being backed up.

Here's what may be causing the problem: a few months ago, I did some optimization to minimize CPU usage on my server (I was having too much usage). One thing recommended was to remove the automatic WP-cron scheduling by adding code to the wp-config file. This helped alot with my usage problem, but now I have this message in the settings area with Snapshot:

"Your site has disabled the WordPress Cron scheduler (WP_CRON). When scheduling an archive to be created it may not run. Check your wp-config.php for the DISABLE_WP_CRON define. If found either remove it or set the value to "false".

Despite this error message, all the subsite snapshots are running fine, though slightly delayed. However, the primary site is not being backed up. I want to keep the code in my wp-config file. What other options do I have?

I know I can run the snapshot manually, but I even tried that last week and it didn't seem to work. Maybe I need to try that again.

Please advise.

I am granting access if you can take a look.

Thanks, Joe.