Snapshot not compatible with other WPMU plugins?

Last week I found an article on WPMU blog about the best plugin to backup an multisite installation. I realised I don’t really use any handy plugin to backup my websites.

I was really happy to see that WPMU has a solution for that. Usually I don’t test WPMU plugins, being sure that they are compatible with all the other WPMU plugins already installed.

And I am only using 2-3 plugins which are not developed by WPMU.

After a few days without any registration, I received a few emails from users complaining that the website (which uses UpFront as the only theme – with all the child themes) is not working.

Looking into it I saw that on most of the websites, the /?editmode=true is not working anymore, and the editing part is not loading (actually was only showing the webpage as it is).

Trying to create a few new websites:

– when clicking on the activation link from the first email sent, I was landing on a white page

– the second email – the one with the username and pass was not sent / or at least not received

Also, I got some other errors, on some of the testing websites where I got the second email (or after recovering the pass) – Clicking on Upfront or on Customize I was redirected to change the permalinks.

I think there were some more errors, but those are just a few I remember right now.I have deactivated all the non WPMU plugins but the problems persisted. Then I realised that the newest plugin on the website is Snapshot Pro. I activated all the plugins back, and only deactivated Snapshot Pro. And everything came back to normal.

Just wanted to share this with the team @ WPMU. Not sure what’s wrong.

My websites are back on track, but I’m not sure I’ll try Snapshot plugin again.

Best regards,


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi Marius,

    Thanks for your feedback, We are actually aware of some plugin issues with Upfront, and currently not all our plugins are compatible with upfront. Marketpress, coursepress, directory, classifieds for example will not work correctly if at all with upfront.

    I haven’t heard of any issues with snapshot though, are these sites ones where you had tried to backup a site with upfront theme on and then restored them onto a new site?

    Just trying to get an idea of what you’re setup is so I can try & replicate it only own site.


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