Snapshot not copying autoblog settings

In the process of moving sites from a server we are shutting down to a new multisite environment and using snapshot pro for that process.

Just discovered that snapshot is not copying all of the AutoBlog settings which means we have to go and re-enter them all by hand which is a real pain in the neck.

I'm really kind of surprised that Snapshot isn't copying this information... I would have thought that since it is a plugin of yours, it would have captured all of those details as well.

Any help is appreciated...

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @johnol! :slight_smile:

    I am moving sites from one Multisite installation into another Multisite installation.

    Gotcha, thanks for clarifying that. :slight_smile:

    We are finding that not all settings are being copied consistently regardless of what plugins are in use. But largely we've found that for copying AutoBlog settings, snapshot only successfully worked about 1 in 10 times. (We're in the process of moving around 150 sites...)

    Hmm... I'd be curious as to what your server's error log might provide on this, could you share that please? (preferably, around the time where you did a snapshot for a site that proved to be an incomplete snapshot)

    With behavior all over the place, it'd help if we had more information to work with here, so we can try to nail down the cause of this.

    Please advise,

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