Snapshot not pushing to Dropbox and only backing up core WP tables

Log entry for Dropbox issue:

Unknown: errno:2048 Only variables should be passed by reference ./wp-content/plugins/snapshot/lib/destinations/dropbox/includes/PEAR_Includes/HTTP/OAuth/Signature/Common.php on line 58

Also when selecting how to backup database and I select "All Tables" that's what I expected. Instead the backup only contained Wordpress core tables. If that's by design then this plugin is all that useful.

  • Paul

    @andrej1c, Thanks for the message. If you upgrade to Snapshaot 2.0.4 released today that Dropbox message will go away. This is part of the Dropbox API library we are using. It is shown because Snapshot turns on all Warnings just in case something goes wrong.

    As for the All tables. The designs of Snapshot was to allow only backup of a single blog within a Multisite system. If you run a small system you probably do want some backup tool that will backup everything. But what happens if you need to restore only one broken blog. Will you be able to manually extract the tables and files for that site? Plus if you run a very large site (we have some members here running Multisite systems with well over 1000 blogs). Why would you want everything in a single archive. Not to mention you have no way to backup one site weekly vs another site hourly or some different schedule. I agree Snapshot is not perfect but I think it is headed in the right direction.

  • andrej1c


    Thanks for the quick response. I will download the latest Snapshot to check on the Dropbox issue. I was actually glad to see the error message in the log as it gave me something to go after in diagnosing why the files weren't being uploaded to Dropbox.

    As far as that "all tables" issue you are right about the multisite that with a ton of blogs or when needing to restore a specific one this would be impractical. I ran into the "all tables" limitation on a single site with a lot of custom functionality using a lot of non-wordpress tables. if I was to dream up a feature for Snapshot it would be to give me the option to truly backup all tables. It could be available as an option on a single-site WP setups.

    Thanks again!

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