SNAPSHOT not registering zip php

1) When trying to activate Snapshot I receive "fail" for the following: ".PHP Zip module not found. To unpack the zip file, Snapshot needs the Zip module to be installed and enabled. If you use a managed host, contact them directly to have it updated."
However, I installed it . Cleared cache just in case, but plugin still doesn't see this php module (re-run tests multiple times). How should I proceed?
2) Are WP Cache and Hummingbird PRO conflicting plugins? If I use Hummingbird, does it mean I do not need WP Cache? I tried to activate it, but then Hummigbird has problems with it.
I'm also on Cloudflare if this helps
3) I installed a theme called Issue, but when clicking Preview, nothing happens. Do you know why? How can I preview this theme before activating it?
I will grant support access, looking forward for some help.