Snapshot not removing local copy of managed backup.

Snapshot not removing temp local copy of managed backup. We have a huge backup zip folders in cPanel. How were they generated and how do I stop them?

  • James Morris
    • WordPress Enthusiast

    Hello marmoset

    The zip files you are seeing are tmp files. They are incomplete parts of a much larger zip file that has failed to be completely be processed. This indicates that there is something causing Managed Backups to fail fairly consistently. In order to narrow down the problem, would you please add the following defines to wp-config.php? These will make some adjustments to Snapshots to help it perform a bit better in your situation as well as enables advanced debugging so we can investigate any problems if they occur.

    define('SNAPSHOT_FILESET_LARGE_FILE_SIZE', 104857600);
    define('SNAPSHOT_IGNORE_SYMLINKS', true);
    define('SNAPSHOT_MB_BREADTH_FIRST', true);
    define('SNAPSHOT_FORCE_ZIP_LIBRARY', ‘pclzip’);

    Defines should be added in wp-config.php right above the /* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */ line.

    Once you've added the above, please clear out all of those tmp files then give it a couple days to see if any new ones get generated. If they do, please ping us back here so we can investigate further.

    Best regards,

    James Morris

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