Snapshot not restoring Divi theme options

Testing out Snapshot to see whether a restore to the same domain in future would work fine without any issue, so have created a new destination, and tried to restore via Managed Backup, but there are many parts missing once restore done.

If you check the destination site, the Logo is missing in the menu, Footer is reset to default Divi Footer, and also if you compare pages from source, and destination site, you can see more changes.

Please advise what is causing the issue, and what could be done to correct this behavior. Please check the chat transcript for more info.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Kevin Kobbe

    I hope you're well today an thank you for your question!

    I took a liberty of checking your backups and trying to restore them to my local test environment. While Snapshot was not designed for site migration (and that's what we basically did by restoring to other domain) it still worked quite well, except for this issues that you mentioned.

    I could replicate them with your backups and I admit it's a bit surprising. Managed backup is copying all the files and entire database so all that data should actually be there and should be applied. There is an issue with paths not being updated on domain change so one thing that comes to my mind is that if Divi finds some of its part not "available" it just resets (so that could happen before updating URLs/paths in db) - that would explain the issue but I'm not quite sure if this happens indeed.

    When restoring to the very same site, everything should be maintained as this is an expected case scenario and what Snapshot was designed for.

    However, I can understand your concerns in this case so we need to make sure about it. Testing Snapshot/backup issues is, unfortunately, quite time consuming, especially if it's a "granular" testing for a complex site so I'd appreciate a bit more patience as I need to run some more tests on my end.

    Please keep an eye on this ticket and I'll get back to you soon with additional information.

    Kind regards,

  • Konstantinos Xenos

    Hi Kevin Kobbe ,

    Really sorry for the late reply but this was kind of a solo situation. I've been running various tests on my Divi setups with Snapshot without being able to re-create the issue. There have been some updates on Snapshot as well since you've opened this ticket, so I'd like to ask of you to inform if you're still experiencing this issue so I can take another look on a fresh backup of yours or if it was resolved via an update.


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