Snapshot: Not saving to local or remote

My snapshots are no longer working. When I run them, everything seems to be fine, but then when I go to find the latest snapshot, it isn't there. My log file shows all the tables being processed correctly and then shows this:

2014-12-09 11:01:50: file: non selected

2014-12-09 11:01:50: backupZipFolder[]

2014-12-09 11:01:51: rename: backupZipFile[.../wp-content/uploads/snapshots/_backup/1398370524/] backupZipFileFinal[.../wp-content/uploads/snapshots/]

2014-12-09 11:01:51: memory limit: 9223372036854775807: memory usage current: 72.5M: memory usage peak: 154.51M

2014-12-09 11:01:51: finish:

2014-12-09 11:01:51: archive cleanup: max archive:30 number of archives: 31

2014-12-09 11:01:52: archive cleanup: DEBUG :sitename

2014-12-09 11:01:52: DEBUG: backupFile=[.../wp-content/uploads/snapshots/]

2014-12-09 11:01:52: archive cleanup: filename: wp-content/uploads/snapshots/ not found


  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hey there @Sam

    I hope you're having a great day!

    You say your Snapshots are no longer working.

    Has anything changed recently on your install? In other words, have you activated or updated any plugins recently that may be interfering? have you changed your server configuration?

    Also, you may want to try setting the Maximum number of local archives to zero in your snapshot. That effectively disables the maximum and allows an unlimited number to be saved. You currently have that set to 30, and are attempting to save #31.

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