Snapshot not working

I have tried to create a managed backup and a local backup several times.

The managed backup took about an hour, the last I noticed it had gotten past step 40, but next time I checked, it said it had failed due to…. but then gave no reason or error.

The local backup got to the 2nd last step, backing up files, and stalled at the plugins…. then just returned a messed up screen of mixed up css from the previous frozen screen mixed with the sites home page.

I am wanting to do an initial backup before I use defender to harden the site and make some database prefix alterations, but seems I’m not going to be able to use snapshot pro.

I have a stupid deadline, so will revert to backwpup and keep moving forward. Access has been granted, I hope you guys can help me figure this out, I’d like to be using the managed backup asap.

p.s. will you guys open this up to amazon cloud drive?