Snapshot Option to Include WordPress Core Files and Other Directories

Are there any plans to add a field in the settings page that would allow us to include the following:

a) WP Core files
b) other directories under the root of the WB website such as /images

I see a lot of people have asked questions about being able to copy or migrate a WP website and this option would make that process much easier.

If this is not in the works, can you provide some guidance on how to modify the plugin PHP files to allow us to do this?


  • Paul


    a) WP Core file probably not ever. The reasoning is mainly to prevent backup bloat. I feel the same way actually about most plugins and themes. At least the ones hosted on Seems pointless to create archive after archive with this data when it can so easily be retrieved from the remote site. "But I need it in order to do a full restore" No you don't The proper solution would be to make the restore process intelligent enough to know "oh I need to restore for WP 2.8". Then it goes and gets that package, unzips it and moves it into place. Same for plugins. Would save a heck of a lot of storage space on your servers. I know you have AWS or Dropbox and have terabyts or space. Well still I don't see adding WP core.

    b) This is on the feature request list. We have a backlog of features to add to snapshot. Coming soon.

  • Hector Torres

    Thanks for the reply Paul. I understand your concern about "backup bloat" but from a website developer's point of view when you're managing 100's of client sites is very hard to keep track of which sites have what version of WordPress. So having the ability to create one full backup (one snapshot ) for each site that can be run each time WP updates the core is very important. For now we are using a different plugin to do a full backup and I hope you guys will implement this feature in the future.

    Also it's very important to be able to backup all the root files like robots.txt and ph.ini which are needed if a website gets totally wiped out. So please take these files also into consideration.

    Thanks again,


  • Paul


    Agreed. Sorry must have been having a bad Friday. Yes, of course we will be adding the ability to include root file. And since allowing WP core is a half-step after that it will also be an option. Finishing up some internal project and hope to get back to my long list of snapshot feature requests. So look for this and the email notification additions sometime mid-summer. My first big task is going to be migration logic.

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