Snapshot plugin and other backup plugins/services

I have is that in the past, with other CMS tools, I had difficulties with the backup plugins and I would appreciate if i can have a CMS tool that has a centralized backup...this means a situation where I dont need a plugin for the backups but the backup is run within the tool (CMS)
Do you think this is possible?

  • Alex Stine

    Hope you are having a great day!

    I do not think there will ever be plans to create a service that will be able to backup your site without the Snapshot plugin being installed. However, our cloud backups are coming soon, these backups will allow you to backup your sites on to our servers instead of yours. This means you will no longer have to give up your own space, you can use ours, it is already included in your membership. :slight_smile:

    Have a great day! Cheers,
    Alex :smiley:

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