Snapshot Plugin Installation Step

I can't proceed further after I installed Snapshot Plugin as I encounter any of the two.

1. Attempting to download remote file:

Processing archive: (0b)
Error: Manifest data not found in archive.
Snapshot import complete

2. For archives already on your server but not showing in the All Snapshots listing you can simply submit this form without entering a value below. This will scan the snapshot archivs directory (/home2/yourwor5/public_html/ for any missing archives and add them to the listing.

If the missing archive is on the server but saved to a different path. Maybe you setup the archive to save to an alternate directory. Then you can enter the full server path to the directory where the archive resides.

URL or local path to Snapshot Archive
local import file not found /home2/yourwor5/public_html/
content/uploads/snapshots/ftp://yourwor5@ This could mean either the entered path was not valid or accessible.
Snapshot import complete

Would you mind to assist me on step by step procedure so I can install my new blog(s).


best regards,