Snapshot plugin not taking snapshots

Hi there,

I have installed Snapshot on one of my sites ( and have configured 2 destinations, 1 Local and 1 DropBox.

I performed a manual Snapshot backup and can see (via FTP client access) that the files have been written to the local directory however when I click on that Snapshot to restore there are no options to restore.

When I look at my Dropbox account, I cannot see the files and I cannot restore.

Is there a log file that I should be looking at? I can't see anything.


  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub


    This might be somewhat obvious. On the Snapshots > All Snapshot main page is where your current snapshot configurations are listed. In the far right column for Archive it should list the name of the latest zip archive. On the next line it should show a link to the latest log file. See first screenshot attached.

    If instead you want to hunt on your server via FTP all Snapshot files are written to wp-content/uploads/snapshots/

    Below that main folder you should see a folder _logs. Within the folder is a log file for each snapshot configuration + archive combination.

    For restore Snapshot currently only restores from the local site. The Dropbox and other remote files are just that remote files. You would nee to manually move the file to the above mentioned snapshots folder to start the restore process. But fear not this is coming.

    To start a restore of a local archive. Start on Snapshots > All Snapshots In the first column is the name of the snapshot. Hove over this name and see the 'restore' link. Click the restore. Follow the screens.

    Of course of you are not seeing any of the listings then something is failing during the backup attempts. Check the logs. Are you running snapshot manually or on a schedule?

    Go to Snapshots > Settings and look for the panel System Info. Give us a screen of that information to help us debug.

    check the log files. Start with the newest one. At the end you should see something like the following where snapshot finished the zip archive. If your processing is not getting this far there is a good chance you need to increases the memory.

    2013-04-30 01:03:17: file: wp-content/uploads/wpmudev_chat/logs/index.php
    2013-04-30 01:03:17: finish:

  • Jason
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Thanks Paul however I did not have the ZIPs or Logs in my Archives. In fact at the time of posting there were no archives.

    When I set up my first snapshots I wanted to include all files (themes, media/uploads) and my server timed out. Once I excluded media/uploads the backup ran successfully.

    Should I now look at increasing memory or server time out or both?

  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub


    Oh so it does sound like Snapshot is aborting during the backup. So try this. On Snapshot > Settings like for the section Memory Info. Just increase the memory here.

    You could increase the memory via your wp-config.php but that increase the memory system wide. Since I'm assuming your site is running ok you can first try the memory info section. This will grant Snapshot more memory only during the back processing.

    Then create a new Snapshot configuration. This time just do database tables. Run it manual/immediate. Trying to see if it will first create the smaller archive. If this run complete you can then create another snapshot configuration or change the one you just create to include files on the next archive.

    Let me know.

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