Snapshot plugin shot down by

Hi - we received this email from our hosting co.:
Piotr Bogdan (WordPress Hosting Support Desk)
Oct 11, 8:03 AM MST


we were alerted to high load on one of our shared servers that is hosting site, upon investigation it appears a fair amount of the load was being generated by the Snapshot plugin performing heavy disk writes, presumably performing a backup and writing it to local storage. This has caused some disruption on the server affecting customers hosted on the same node.

Please be aware that while this specific plugin is not on our banned plugin list, as a general rule we don't allow any backup plugins, in particular any plugins that store the backup files locally. For those reasons we have de-activated the plugin and are asking you to refrain from further usage.

We would recommend using backups that we provide through our control panel, which are performed daily and are available for 14 days period. We also have an option to send those backups to your own S3 bucket if you would like to have a copy of them off-site for your own safe keeping. Otherwise if you would like to use a plugin we recommend VaultPress which in our experience works well without stressing the resources on the server.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this matter.


We really want to use Snapshot since it works great and we can show our clients the WPMU control panel.

So two issues:
a Beyond the first issue of cpu usage
b Storing offsite - can I get snapshot to store offsite? I imagine so I'll look in the help for this. But I need to know the answer to a first.

Please advise.


  • Nastia

    Hello Tony , I hope all is well!

    Would you please let us know, do you use regular Snapshots or Managed Backups? How often do you perform a backup, on a daily basis or weekly? If you change the frequency of the Snapshot performing backups, will your server allow it?

    b Storing offsite - can I get snapshot to store offsite? I imagine so I'll look in the help for this. But I need to know the answer to a first.

    Yes, the Snapshot allows to store your backups on WPMU DEV cloud storage with 10 GB space. For this, you can use Managed Backups option.

    With Managed Backups the backup file is stored briefly on a local storage to compress and upload the file.

    There are also Dropbox , Amazon S3 and Google Drive integrations. You can store your backup on those destinations as well.

    To set them up, please navigate to Snapshot > Destination and add new destinations by clicking on Add New button

    Please note that during the backups, the Snapshot will create a backup file on localhost and once the backup is uploaded it will be deleted.

    To ensure that the backup file will be deleted, in Snapshot > Add New, set the Keep local archives? option to "No"

    Please advise,


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