Snapshot plugin timing out, not displaying any error messages

Trying to take a snapshot of the site, to save to S3. Whenever we run the snapshot, nothing changes from the WP dashboard side of things, except the “interval” next run date. When looking at /wp-content/uploads/snapshots/_logs, we can see that logs are created.

When reviewing the logs, previously we would see it listing the databases and the parts of the databases that got backed up. It hung part way as we saw things like db_name 21/50 as the last entry.

We’ve corrected this issue by adjusting the segment size to 12000 (using a low number like the recommended 1000 would cause more segments, and it would hang at a lower percentage of the way through the DB table. Too much higher would have less segments, but also save less data.

We finally got it to go through, with exception of one table which was too large, we just exempted it from the snapshot (although we would like to back it up). Now it finally makes it’s way through all the databases, and hangs after that.

Our hosting company is WPEngine and as far as I know, they have a 60 second timeout for processes.

Any recommendations?

Just an addendum.. we’ve posted with less details at about 2 weeks ago, haven’t heard back on this issue.

We have 1024M WP_MEMORY_LIMIT and 1024M WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT. Snapshot seems to think the “Max Execution Time” is 3600, even though, server-wide, it’s only 60.