Snapshot Pro 2.5 Run Error and Delete Fatal Error

Hi Support

Have previously used Snapshot to migrate websites without any problems.

Have client site to migrate from dev site to live site.

1. Downloaded Snapshot 2.5
2. Uploaded and installed
3. Create new Immediate Snapshot
The process gets down to the Files process, media/2015/09, 13% of 1 of 8 and generates and error I've never encountered before and the process just hangs.
See attached pdf doc for the screen.

4. Tried to delete the plugin to try with a previous version and receive a fatal error when trying to delete

Fatal error: Call to private WPMUDEVSnapshot::__construct() from invalid context in /home/biggervi/public_html/ecolibrium/wp-content/plugins/snapshot/uninstall.php on line 7

I don't have access to channel file manager to do a manual delete of the plugin files, I've emailed the website developer to access and remove.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Reid