[Snapshot Pro] Allow SnapShot to only search for 1 bucked in AWS Destination

Hey guys,
I have loved everything so far, plugins have been great and things are working good. I did have one request though. We manage sites for many many clients and we are slowly adding them to the hub and setting them up to use SnapShot.

Our team is pretty advanced with AWS and we have modified the IAM user keys we are using to ONLY have write access to the folder we want them to. This is setup now and working perfectly.

But there is one issue. We want to be able to limit the buckets the keys see as well. Just in case it ever gets compromised or a user find their way to the snap shot settings, I just don’t even want them to be able to see buckets other than the one we store our clients Snapshot backups in.

This is easy to setup for the IAM user key permissions but it is not possible to work in your system because you make the call “ListBuckets” to AWS instead of “ListBucket”. (Which I understand is so you can get the list of buckets for the person setting it up to choose from)

But it would be PERFECT if you could have another option that just uses “ListBucket” (even if we have to type in the name of the bucket ourselves that would be perfect)

It would just make things that much more secure for us.

Thank you