[Snapshot Pro] Automate and Managed Backups

Hi there,

I recently started rolling out Automate and Managed Backups across more of my client sites but I suddenly started to see the amount of storage space I’m using gradually increase. The issue seems to be the number of Automate Backups that are retained on the system – and there doesn’t appear to be an option in the settings to limit the number. It seems strange that the Managed backups do have this option but Automate doesn’t.

Also, it would make sense to count both Automate and Managed backups when it comes to the number of backups being kept on the system for each domain.

I’d like to request the following;
1) Count both Managed backups and Automate backups when defining the total number of backups to keep for storage purposes.
2) Make sure there’s an option to limit the number of Automate backups stored and/or the total combined number of backups stored for each domain.