Snapshot Pro - AWS s3 Destination and Local file Issue

I have setup the snapshot destination to be a a bucket on AWS s3 and backups are being uploaded as expected, however I notice that the snapshot archives are still on my local server under "wp-content/uploads/snapshots/".
So I assume that the file first gets created on my local server and then gets sent to the AWS s3 destination. Is that right?

If so, shouldn't those local archives be deleted automatically afterwards?

Its just that these files are taking up valuable disk space on my server and I thought that one of the points of using a destination like AWS s3, Dropbox etc was to save disk space on your server (was for me).

Is there someting I am missing here (some setting)?

If not is there a workaround (e.g.code change, hook etc) to auto delete them from your local server after being uploaded to AWS S3.

Any help would be appreciated,


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Patrick,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    You're right about the way Snapshot Pro works. All the snapshots are first created on a "local" storage (your server in this case) and then uploaded to the "destination" (may it be S3 bucket or a Google Drive account).

    Currently there's no option to automatically remove all of those locally stored backups but you can choose how many local copies should be stored. To do this edit settings of each of the snapshots you have setup and find the "Maximum number of local archives" option.

    By default it's set to "0" which means "keep all the copies". The lowest possible number of copies to keep is "1" so setting this option to "1" will cause Snapshot Pro to keep locally only the single most recent snapshot archive.

    This is a "per snapshot" setting so if there's only one snapshot, only a single archive will be kept. If there are for example three active snapshots, three archives in total (one per each snapshot) will be kept.

    In case you'd like to make sure that all the archives are removed from your local storage space you'd need to develop a custom script that would periodically clean /snapshot folder. I think though setting "Maximum number of local archives" value to "1" for each snapshot should do the trick.

    Best regards,

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