Snapshot Pro Backup Is Not Working.

I'm trying to backup my site. The test is green and no issue but during the backup after 70% I realize it failed. After a few attempts it will only stay on 0% and then takes me to a white page. Please help.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Ali,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    The issue here was a big file in a root folder of you site's install. The file is over 2.5GB big and that's, apparently, too much for the server to handle.

    However, that files seems to be just some other backup so there's no need to include it in the regular site backup, I believe. That being said, I have excluded it from backup and the process worked fine. I wasn't able to finish the initial backup because it takes quite long and I was logged out of the site but I believe it should be working fine now.

    To confirm that, please go to the "Snapshot -> Managed Backups" page and run backup: make sure that you keep the back-end of the site also open in another browser window and you reload it from time to time (the other instance, not the one with backup processing) in order to not get logged out.

    The backup is also scheduled (you might change that schedule on the same page in back-end) so you might as well leave it like that and check later (a couple of hours after scheduled time) to make sure whether the backup was created.

    Kind regards,

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