Snapshot Pro created a backup but I still see permission problems in log

Hi Tyler,
I deactivated WP All in One Security on my Multisite (approx. 170 small sites), as you suggested and ran Snaphot. This time it did produce a backup and put it in Dropbox. So I wanted to make sure it was a complete backup and checked the log file. There are still many lines that say permission denied. I can't imagine that this is the way it should be.

Is there a way to check the completeness of the backup and ensure that I am getting perfect backup files?

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    Hi cathy,

    Hope you're well?

    I see you are responding to @Tyler Postle in the following thread here.

    Could you please respond in the thread you already created rather than starting a new thread.

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    I'll close this thread and refer you to your original thread.

    Hope this helps

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