Snapshot Pro fails at 95% as it hits Plugins 32/34

I must have spent ver 20 hours trying to work out how to do the snap but it keeps failing at the same place. It gets close to the end, gets to files, whips through the media and at 05% gets to plugins. with 32/34 showing, It cranks out this message: "An unknown response returned from Snapshot backup attempt. Aborting. Double check Snapshot settings." I need to get the site off of godaddy managed wordpress and to rackspace but I can't get the snap. It does put the snap into snapshot even though it failed, but there is nothing in the archive. Is there anyway you can help me get this out asap so I can restore it at a new host? Ive tried everything I could find in the forum and failed... I granted support access and hope you can help. Thanks! Gary