snapshot pro fails install on multiple sites

Both sites, existing and new fail to install Snapshot Pro.

Okay, no big deal, I'll get some sort of error message, right?
Nope. Just says "Installation Failed"

Okay, so I can obviously go and download the plugin zip file and install manually, right?
Nope. I go to... and see this awesome-looking and appealing little link/icon that says "Download Plugin 3.0.4" and wow, it also has a URL that looks sweet too! --

Alas, no hope again. Clicking on that link just takes me to my account page:

So, I figure I must be able to download it SOMEWHERE on the web, right?
Nope. Not on github or anywhere.

Apparently this site will sell it to me for $1... Worth it?

Any help here? Seems like getting this file to install is almost impossible.
About an hour into this so far...

Any help would be GREAT!