[Snapshot Pro] Hub (and reports) to recognise all types of Snapshot Scheduled Backups

When using Snapshot Pro for scheduled backups – The Hub and the reports generated through there seem to only recognise you have a backup running if it's being sent to WPMU Dev Cloud storage. I set one site up successfully to send daily backups to Google Drive – but the Hub ignores this, causing the report to wrongly state that there are no backups in place.

I understand you want to promote the WPMU Dev cloud, but these other destinations are perfectly valid, and it should be possible to have that reported to the client.

  • slavetotheweb
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Thanks for the replies.

    I get the need to confirm successful backup – but surely Snapshot knows this information, as it is connected to the destination, and reports success/failure in the admin – can it not speak to The Hub? It absolutely also knows whether the local server backup copy was a success.

    Otherwise, I am left with simply the option to remove the Backup section from my report entirely. Not even an option to write some custom text. I feel there is more that could be done here.

    thanks, Simon

    PS – The actual reason I am not using WPMU Cloud in this case, is not because it’s full/unwilling to pay – it is due to the host this client is using – it doesn’t have the right max_execution_time setting and we’ve not had luck getting that changed. As a result, it always times-out when trying to backup to WPMU, but seems to handle Google Drive okay.

    • James Farmer
      • CEO (of WPMU DEV, honest)

      Yes, you’re right, we can definitely do this better, we definitely don’t want you to remove the backup section from your report!

      Interesting in terms of problems, I’m very hopeful that the next iteration of Snapshot (iterative backups) should help with this but as that’s a bit away it won’t help you right now.

      You could always get them to move to WPMU DEV hosting :wink: Only half kidding… it’s ready for production now and gets rid of that issue.

      Otherwise I feel like a better configurable backups section (for users who don’t wanna use our cloud) should be a component of Reports 2.0, for sure, Julian yudy could you add a card to The Hub for discussion?

      • slavetotheweb
        • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

        Thanks for the extra response James, appreciate it.

        Yes, believe me there is a conversation about moving host – which has been raised a few times but not yet convinced them. There have been other niggles with connectivity and up-time, so I hope to one day soon win them over!

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