Snapshot Pro Installed on Subdirectory - Error on blog lookup

I have two instances of multisite set up on my domain so I can have an easy area for development/plugin testing before pushing changes to the live area. The first multisite is on the domain's root directory (, and the second multisite is within a subdirectory of the domain's root (

The subdirectory installation is the one I am having difficulties with as it keeps giving me the error: "Error on blog lookup" when I'm attempting to add a new Snapshot. I have found that it seems to be adding the subdirectory on the main domain twice to lookup ( instead of and the search is failing. I have tried to change some lines of code but 1. i'd have to implement the fix any time an update occurs and 2. so far they seem to only change the display on the new snapshot page itself, and my blogs are still not being found.

I really hope this is something silly i'm overlooking - any help would be appreciated. Let me know if there's anything additional you need to help me with this issue.