Snapshot Pro is not working

Hey there!

For this domain:

Issue 1. My snapshots pro is not working properly. I have it set to run once daily and my backups are not running everyday nor will they, currently, complete a backup at all .

Issue 1a. I am also trying to re-upload a copy to a dev site. Located here

I uploaded an older copy located here /home/taoashza/public_html/snapshots/ and when I try to import it into the site I get this error: Processing archive: (163.42M) Error: Manifest ITEM does not contain 'timestamp' item.

Issue 2. I am trying to migrate this website over to an other wordpress installation for testing/developing purposes and im getting this error "Error: Manifest ITEM does not contain 'timestamp' item." ---> I found a post that said Cloudflare CDN could cause this. I did make the pages rules suggested in that post but have also turned it off completely for now. I am no longer getting that error.

Issue 3. Now after I have turned off Cloudflare my backups are still not working. I am now receiving this message. "The gateway did not receive a timely response from the upstream server or application."

I have followed the directions from this thread. I even went as far as setting the segment size to 500. 1000 didnt work either.

The backups are stopping on the files: plugin sections 7/9.

I have looked at the forums and followed a guide that says it will fix that issue but it does not work.

The Snapshots are called "Snapshot - Test" for testing and "Snapshot - Intuitive Edge Design" are the automated backups that are supposed to run everyday but do not.

I have granted Access to both websites. Please help.