[Snapshot Pro] Managed backups failing Manifest error

When I try to run the installer script to start the restore process, I get an error right away, it says: Manifest is not correct + Can't locate wp-config.php

I had to manually do the restoration to get my site back.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Machinedigital

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I tried to restore the backup to my local test setup and I got the very same errors as you do so I also checked the backup file and it's not valid.

    I understand that you attempted to restore it to the other location than it was created at so you have downloaded the file from The Hub and uploaded to that other server, is that correct?

    The problem here is that the file seems to be "re-packaged" (re-compressed). It doesn't use expected structure. Let's say that backup file is "full_backup_123.zip":

    - normally the structure after extracting it (unpacking the zip archive) would be "www" folder (with entire WP install inside) and a set of .sql files + manifest file

    - in this case there are two folders inside: "folder_backup_123" and "__MACOSX" file, where the "www" folder, .sql files and manifest file are inside that internal "folder_backup_123" folder.

    This suggest that before uploading to the target server the file was extracted and then compressed back. I think what happened was that you're working on Mac and most likely the file was downloaded with Safari browser which by default extracts files. Then the files was "zipped" back but that changed the structure. As a result file is invalid and that's why it cannot be restored.

    In "Preferences" settings in Safar in "General" tab there should be and option to "open safe files after downloading". If you uncheck this option it should no longer extract files automatically after download so you could then simply download the backup again and without compressing it again (there'd be no need to as it wouldn't be extracted) upload it again on a target server and run snapshot-installer.php. That should sort the issue and let you run the restore process.

    Kind regards,

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