Snapshot pro managed cloud backups with a unique remote path

Hi all,

I have a question about using the new awesome managed backup options on some of our ubuntu/ngnix based websites we host on AWS. We currently have the path set on some certain sites as follow:
var / www / ip-address (where the wp-config.php is) / htdocs (which has everything else).

When I download the backup, everything looks good except - it only grabs everything in the htdocs directory (but the folder gets renamed to www instead of htdocs?) and bypassing the wp-config.php which is up a parent level in the IP address directory and I can see why.

Now, would this be a problem trying to restore from the hub because of this type of setup? If so, could anyone suggest how to get the wp-config.php formally back into the www dir, also would I need to get htdocs renamed to www since that is what the backup is renaming as the main directory upon completing?

Thanks so much! :relaxed: