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Hello, just have a quick question here. I have a local development site (which is a copy of my live site) I've been developing using the desktop version of the softaculous installer (just an easier/quicker way to install/use wordpress without having to use mamp), and I am trying to convert it to multisite...when I updated the wpconfig to allow multisite and went to network setup wordpress said that it had to install multisite as a subdirectory install instead of a sub domain install (because I have this dev site/wordpress install in a subdirectory cause I have other dev sites in the www folder ((www folder is like htdocs folder))....and so if I proceed to allow it to do the sub directory install, will I have a problem later trying to use snapshot pro to bring it over to my live site, if when I create multisite there, I create it as a sub domain install? Will snapshot pro be able to move a multisite install from a sub directory set up to a sub domain set up?

I was thinking the multisite install types (ie. path/subdirectory vs. sub domain) at least need to match for it to carry over correctly and without errors. So in order to accommodate this, I was going to install mamp and make it my only install that way it wouldn't be a subdirectory install, which ultimately then should allow me to create the multisite as a sub domain setup, which will then match my live setup - which I am thinking will allow snapshot pro carry data back and forth between the two without any issues...

Does anyone have specific experience with this? Enough to know specifically how snapshot pro will/can handle this exact situation, or know if it has any limitations in regards to this?

Thanks so much,

  • Luís

    Hi Jessica ,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    Before replying to your questions, let me just share some information. After the version 3.0, Snapshot Pro offers two types of backups:

    1) The new Managed Backups, that allow you with one click to make a whole (or scheduled it) WordPress backup and send it to our cloud (WPMU DEV cloud - where you have 10GB space for your backups).

    This option makes a backup of your entire network. At this moment, the managed backups can only backup the whole multisite, there’s no functionality to be able to backup/restore individual subsites only.

    2) The "old" or normal Snapshot option, that allows you to create a backup for a specific site in your network and sent it to a destination (local server, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 or FTP).

    This option only allows to make a backup for one site at time and restore it.

    Also, I need to mention the migration logic in Snapshot Pro is still on beta, so, it can cause issues in some situations.

    Based on the above information, if your intent is migrate just a subsite of your network, from what I tested, it should work properly.

    For the entire network, you will need to use the restore feature of Snapshot and it will "restore" as subdirectory based.

    I hope this information has been helpful. If I can help you in this or other questions, please let me know!

    Cheers, Luís

  • Jessica

    Hi, thanks for your reply.

    1) Humm..can you elaborate more on this:

    "For the entire network, you will need to use the restore feature of Snapshot and it will "restore" as subdirectory based."

    2) If I create my local multisite and then try to do a restore like you're saying above, even if my live multisite on my server is set up to be sub domain, you're saying it will restore the entire network, but will change it from being sub domain to sub directory???

    3) Also, above, you started to say for the 2nd option, that that option only allows to make a back up of one site at a time and then restore it, but then later you go on to say "for the entire network" as quoted above. So to clarify, it will restore the entire network? or no?

    4) I also was going to ask, is there a way, or how can I migrate the primary multisite blog and its multisite configuration, things such as network activated plugins and such. Can this be done with snapshot? or no...if so what are the options I need to choose to get it to do this?

    5) I tried to download the current version of snapshot, but it keeps redirecting me to my hub account, add your first website this because I am in a trial right now? or... I thought in the trial we had download ability, for the local, I would rather manually i allowed to do this? Also, I was going to download the last version before 3 (in the changelog) (just incase that one worked differently, or better somehow) and try both versions, the current and earlier version, but it's not allowing me to download from there either (the earlier version from the changelog) there something wrong with my account? How can I utilize my trial if I can't download the software? (and yes, I understand there is the dashboard, but I am not exactly sure I want to use that method right now, as I am not sure how I feel about my privacy using it that way. --yet. I think I'd rather use my trial to see how I feel and then perhaps upon upgrading use the dashboard install options..

    Sorry this is so long, and thank you...

  • Jessica

    I am currently in the process of developing a multisite, and as pasrt of my trial, I wanted to try a few plugins, as stated above, I am having issues downloading the .zip files to use in my dev project...can someone please explain how I can go about downloading these plugins for test purposes and developmental use during my trial? I am loosing days on my trial due to this communication here being so slow, will it be possible to extend my trial because of this? I cannot know if i want to continue using your plugins if I cannot even get them to download to use them...please help.

    Also I was wondering what is the best way to move this localhost ms live once its all dev'd out? Specifically, If I use snapshopt pro to move the main ms installation, will it bring my ms configuration over as well? If not, does anyone know of a better solution to move the bulk over in an automated fashion rather than manually re-building the entire ms network once I'm ready to go live?

    Thank you

  • Luís

    Hi Jessica ,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    Firstly, I would like to apologize the extreme delay in the reply and all the problems it may have caused.

    Regarding to your questions:

    1) The main goal of Snapshot is backup and restore. It have a migration feature, but as I mentioned above, it stays on "beta" version. Snapshot can be used to migrate sites, but it's not featured as All in one WP Migration plugin as an example.

    Snapshot have two different ways to backup when used in a Multisite environment:

    1.1) You can backup site by site, using the "old" or normal Snapshot options (Snapshot -> Add New);

    1.2) Backup the entire network with the new Managed Backups option (Snapshot -> Managed Backups)

    2) So, following the above, the restore using the Managed Backups option will restore the network completly, so, there will no change from "subdomain" to "sub-directory".

    It's a normal restoration process to the point where the backup was made, there will no changes in the structure (subdomain or sub-directory).

    3) Only the Managed Backups option can restore the entire network.

    4) Using the normal or old backups option from Snapshot (Snapshot -> Add new) you can select which site you want to backup and the files that will be included (themes, plugins, media) in the archive:

    If you include the "wp-config.php" and ".htaccess" (where the rules to define if's a "subdomain" or "subdirectory" based resides) then you are changing the Multisite structure.

    If you are migrating just the main site, there will be no problems. If you already have some subsites already created, the changes will only affect the new sites created, to change the URL from the existing sites, you need to edit them on the "Info" tab under Sites > All Sites.

    I would like to suggest you to give a look on this article before start this proccess, I think it may interest you:

    5) When you are on trial, you can’t directly download plugins or themes from WPMU DEV. You need to install the plugins and themes you wish to use via the dashboard plugin.

    Please check our documentation about how the free trial accounts works:

    I hope this information has been helpful. If I can help you in this or other questions, please let me know!

    Cheers, Luís

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