Snapshot Pro Not sending file to Google Drive - No errors

I have been trying to get SnapShot Pro to work on this one particular server and cannot get it to send the backup file over to Google Drive.

First off, I have installed this plugin on about 30 other sites (on a different server) and it's working great. So As far as how API and and settings go, I know that they are correct.

I have looked over the logs, both server logs and plugin logs, and there are not any errors being produced. I have talked in person with my ServerAdmin and he also confirms that there are not any errors being produced. I am starting to wonder if I need to install something else on the server for the backup file to get kicked over to Google?

I am not able to find ANY documentation on what the server requirements are for ANY of these plugins. I had a similar issue with Hummingbird and something not being active on the server.

I have allowed support access.

I also think that it would be a really good idea to list the server requirements on the details pages of the plugins so that we wouldn't have to bother support staff for a pretty simple list that could be listed.

Thanks in advance.