Snapshot Pro Restore Failed.

Snapshot Pro, can't restore the backup. Getting the following error after 5-10 minutes. Please help.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Joshua

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I checked the chats and I'm slightly confused about the "core issue" here. The ticket is about snapshot "restore" tool failing but there are also mentions about fatal error on the site when you're logged in as admin.

    The site - both back-end and front-end - was loading fine for me so was that sorted out? Is there still a need to restore from backup?

    As for the backup itself. So far, I didn't try to restore it on your site (due to the above doubt - I just didn't want to "break" anything that might have been changed on site since the backup was taken) but I did download your backup file and tried to restore it to one of my test installs. That went fine so at least we can say for sure that the backup file itself is not corrupted.

    I did, however, notice some things on your site that might be related here:

    1. There seems to be some "leftovers" in "wp-config.php" from WP Rocket, which at the moment is disabled on site - I assume that disabling WP Rocket didn't help, right?

    2. It seems that the server resources may be "maxed out". To be specific: I/O limits seem to be quite "strict", in fact even when I was just downloading the snapshot archive file (simple download via browser) the meter in cPanel was showing that full I/O limit is used.

    I think that second issue might be relevant here but there's no simple way to "limit I/O usage" on plugin's end as it has to read and write files and that's a lot of operations. It looks to me like that limit might be causing the process to time out at some point.

    It would be great if you could get in touch with your host and ask them if that limit is "fixed" or maybe there is a way for them to raise that at least a bit for you?

    Let me know please about their response (and also, please, address my earlier doubts).

    Kind regards

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